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Inconvenience and vulnerabilities of User Password

The existing authentication method where users enter their passwords for online services can be leaked or stolen, and it is vulnerable against phishing or pharming attacks. Also, since users tend to use the same password because it is hard for them to remember each different password when using several various online services, the user authentication based on the user password is not only inconvenient but really vulnerable against security threats.

Magical service that automatically generates and enters a password for users

It is the password replacement technology that automatically enters a password for the user when the user enters his or her ID on the online service, and verifies whether the correct password is entered to the service on the smartphone. AutoPassword™ cannot be stolen as it is being created newly every time powered by the AutoPassword™ technology, users don’t have to annoyingly memorize or enter passwords, and it verifies whether the online service is normal, not a pharming site.

비밀번호 인증의 문제점

How to Start AutoPassword™

Easy, Quick, and Simlple

  • step1 개발자 가입

    Sign Up

    Sign up Developer Center as a developer. (Coming Soon)

  • step2 등록 API 연동

    Add Your Website

    Add your website by requesting on Developer Center.

  • step3 인증 API 연동

    Integrate API

    Integrate your website with our simple API and add the AutoPassword™ sign-in button.

  • step4 서비스 제공

    Provide AutoPassword™ Service

    Provide the service that automatically generates and enters a password for users.

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