Most frequent questions and answers

AutoPassword Cloud does not collect and store any identifiable information about a user of online services. AutoPassword Cloud works similarly to the relationship between a bank and an OTP manufacturer. An OTP manufacturer does not hold or store any information from the bank user, they just provide an OTP H/W dongle and server to the bank, and from there the bank assigns the OTP authenticator to their customers without letting the OTP manufacturer know who has what H/W dongle.

Like a OTP H/W dongle business, we only use the serial number that is issued by the online service provider when the user registers that online service to the AutoPassword mobile app. This serial number is created and assigned to AutoPassword Cloud by the online service provider.

We do not get any identifiable information about the user of that online service.


Like Google, providing an information searching service to people free of charge, AutoPassword Cloud want to provide AutoPassword service without having vulnerable and annoying user passwords to people free of charge.

In order to fund our AutoPassword Cloud service, we are thinking about the advertise model in future. We also want to defer these income streams in favor of a completely Ad free user experience. If you would like to help us achieve this goal then contact us to make a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated.

To apply AutoPassword Cloud on to your online service, you need to sign up as a developer of AutoPassword Cloud. After that, you can add your online service on to your developer page.

For easy integration, we provide 2 methods. If you use simple API, it will take less then one day. For more information, please click here

AutoPassword cloud can be used as 2-step verification for both Google and Facebook. If a user registers and logs into the online service with a social login, AutoPassword can be set as the second step verification phase after the social login has been approved by Google or Facebook. Please click here for more detail.

AutoPassword Enterprise is for an one corporation or organization which needs a strong authentication for their internal security enhancement. This is a license software which have to be purchased by an organization, e.g., company, government.

AutoPassword Cloud is for all online service which need a strong authentication for their user. This is a free cloud service to the online service providers, e.g., online shopping mall, social media service provider.

For more detail, please check the product list of AutoPassword on DualAuth homepage.

Public online services are not easy to choose a cloud based private authentication service for their online service. AutoPassword cloud prepare a public license for the public online service with white label and without license fee. This is only available for public online services and end users, not for the public organization’s internal staff and private online services.

For more detail, check the condition of public online service in product list of AutoPassword on DualAuth homepage.