Why have Internet Data Center adopted AutoPassword access manager?

Smileserve with DualAuth

One of the major Internet Data Centers, SmileServe, now provides AutoPassword and Access manager to their customers. One of the main reasons why they chose AutoPassword was because it can prevent phishing attacks against servers in IDC.

Whenever server attacks and data breaches happen, IDC are sued by their customers because the company lost their data. Customer companies tended to try to hand over the responsibility of that accident to IDC. Customer company want to make it as the vulnerability of IDC service.

However, when investigations progress and we understand more about the situation, it shows that nine out of ten cases ended up being the responsibility of the server manager who worked for the customer-company, and the files stored on their individual PC were breached.

Even a server manager that has set-up Google Authenticator 2FA as an extra layer of security, can’t fully protect themselves as hackers can still steal the OTP code of the server manager on the PC, and then has the chance to reuse it within 60 seconds over the other servers.

So, to solve these problems, SmileServe adopted AutoPassword and Access manager for their customers. These two applications prevent breaching OTP codes whilst also adding more convenience as they don’t have to type the OTP code into their terminal, which can become annoying and an extra unnecessary step in the security process.

SmileServe is now confident that they can fully protect their customer’s information and be completely secure against any unpleasant future attacks.