DualAuth to Present Demo at Finovate Fall 2018, Showcasing AutoPassword and OpenPayment

DualAuth Team presented AutoPassword and Openpayment at Finovate 2018 New York. The demonstration, presented by Director Heejun and Jeri, showcased how AutoPassword and OpenPayment. In the demo they showed how mutual authentication technology could change a user password, online transaction, payment, wire and etc. It showed the future of mutual authentication not only for online […]

What Security Problems Does AutoPassword Solve?

AutoPassword solves the phishing and pharming attack problem for all online services and eliminates the vulnerability of 2FA/MFA and password managers. The most common way users credentials are stolen is through phishing and pharming attacks. AutoPassword is presented by the online service to the user first. Therefore, there’s no chance for a hacker to steal […]